Ceramano, Charles Ferdinand

Charles-Ferdinand Ceramano, of Belgian descent, devoted himself to both landscape and animal painting under his teacher Charles Jacque.

He was the last of the group of painters educated around Rousseau and Millet in Barbizon. His delicately toned paintings often ended up in private collections, carrying his teachers’ signature, Charles Jacque yet his palette is more colorful.

From 1869 until his death Ceramano remained in Barbizon, painting after nature and selling his work, often to America, where a great deal of his output found its way to private collectors and museums. The exhibited canvas is an excellent example of his subtle handling of the brush during the height of his career.

Member, Exhibits, Museums

  • Member of the Salon des Artistes Francais,
  • Exhibited 1893,1895 and 1897.
  • In the permanent collection of the Museum of Toulon, France.


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