Koch(meister), Samuel

Strongest affiliation: Still-life – urban – landscape

Born in 1887, Warsaw, Poland.

Member: Art Lg Am.

Exhibited: BMA, 1940; Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1943, 1947; Univ Arizona; MMA. 1943; Kelekian Gal., 1942; CAM, 1945; CPLH, 1945; BM 1941-44; RhodeIsland Mus. Art, 1944; Albright Art Gal., 1941; MoMA, 1941; Ferargil Gal., 1943; WFNY 1939; Hudson Walker Gal., 1940; The

ACA Gal; Contemp Art Gal., 1942 (solo), 1950; Bignou Gal., 1944 (solo); Niveau Gal., 1946 (solo); Smithsonian Inst.

European Exh.; Audubon Artists; Salpeter Gal., 1948 (solo); Chapellier Gal., 1953 (solo); Panoras Gal., NYC, 1957 (solo). Work: Univ.

Arizona; Rhode Island Mus. Art.

Comments: Also appears as Koch. Sources: WW47; WW.59.


Since 1986, I have known and worked with Solomon cohen both on a personal and professional basis. During these years, I have ben his mentor, imparting my knowledge and expertise of the artists Antonio Cortès, Edoaurd Cortès, Laloue, dyf and Loir. As a result, I am completely confident of Solomon's ability in executing an accurate authentification of their work.

David Klein
Klein Art Gallery