Stein, Georges

Georges Stein is considered a Paris Boulevard painter and water colorist from the French school. She was born circa. 1870. However, there is confusion as to whether she was born in London or Paris. Since most of her paintings depict the wonderfully colorful streets of Paris, I would place her birth in France, as do the French.

Georges Stein’s paintings are filled with movement, color, the smells and the sounds found only on an atmospheric wet street in the heart of Paris. She uses her genius to render each works in pastel, watercolor, and gouache, which very few artists can master. She masterfully creates scene that enables the viewer to feel like they are participating in the every day hustle and bustle of the streets.


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Since 1986, I have known and worked with Solomon cohen both on a personal and professional basis. During these years, I have ben his mentor, imparting my knowledge and expertise of the artists Antonio Cortès, Edoaurd Cortès, Laloue, dyf and Loir. As a result, I am completely confident of Solomon's ability in executing an accurate authentification of their work.

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