Restoration & Conservation

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The likelihood that art works in your possession will come in contact with dust, pollutants, pollen, sun, and variable temperatures are normal factors. Not to mention the occasional unforeseen accidental damage such as a rip, scratch, tear, puncture, mold, water damage, fire and insects.

As conservators we consider the preservation of an object as a priority. Our intent is to facilitate, conserve and protect. We apply our standards of uncompromising quality and materials to every restoration as well as evaluating and providing a written and photographic report.

“To preserve our heritage to indeed conserve and restore our pictorial collective biography, is not merely our duty but more likely our highest responsibility. A testimony of how we were and what we are becoming. Committing both talent and science on behalf of those who have past on and those who are yet to come, provides a bridge between past imagination and our future creations. ” – S. Cohen

S. Cohen Fine Art is a restorer for galleries, institutions and private collectors nationwide.


Member – Association of Restorers & Council of Certified Artists


  • Types of Restoration
  • Restoration & Conservation of oil, tempera, watercolor, pastelworks on canvas, board, paper & icons
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Varnish Coating and Removal-Relining
  • Repaits of Tears, Rips, Gouges, Scrapes and Punctures-Panel Repairs
  • Inlay Fillers
  • Frame restoration and filding
  • Reparits of Cracking and Blistering
  • Removal of Hair, Dust, Scratches, Cracks, Tears and Dents from works of art on paper

S. Cohen Fine Art is a restorer for galleries, institutions and private collectors nationwide.

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As an art dealer/broker/consultant for many years, I write this recommendation for Solomon Cohen with utmost appreciation for, and confidence in, his service as a conservator of fine art and for his acumen as an appraiser.

My experience working with Mr. Cohen encompasses approximately eight (8) years now. He has performed every challenge I brought to him with absolute professionalism, courtesy, timeliness and impeccable technical skill. In addition, he is a scholar, poet, researcher, a noteworthy artist himself, and the absolute gentleman. All of these elements are incorporated into his analysis of a project, and then literally into the working situation of restoring the work to its original state and/or intent of the work of art itself.

Further, I do not hesitate to refer Mr. Cohen directly to my clients for their art requirements, either for restoration or appraisal services. He has proven to be entirely trustworthy and reliable in each situation. I am comfortable knowing that all of my clients needs are handled with the same care and excellence of service without deference to actual value.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Miki G. Kazmarek
Gallery La Scala