Amiry Temur

Teimur Amiry comes to us as a master painter from a distant land where art has been revered for centuries. Born in Mached, Iran, Amiry learned to paint almost as soon as he learned to walk and talk. His style, developed over years, is in the opulent, sharply defined tradition of Persia’s greatest artisans.

Yearning to experience another culture, teach and paint more, Amiry left Persia to settle in Italy for a time. Once he felt he had attained the goals he had set for himself he went to England where he was commissioned by Lord Beaverbrook and other prominent British citizens. Inevitably, he made his way to the United States where he had already made a name for himself.


Martini with a Twist o/c 9″ x 12″

The artwork of Amiry is found in many private collections as well as public and gallery collections throughout Italy, England, Lebanon, France, Germany, Iran and other countries. The Shah of Iran commissioned the artist to paint a portrait of his beloved Farah Diba. Enshrined in a frame of pure gold, the magnificent portrait adorns the central wall of the Royal Palace in Tehran, where it is admired by thousands of visitors every year.

Amiry’s works are immediately recognizable for his trademark: in nearly every painting, he has included a likeness of himself. His profile may appear in the melted wax of a burning candle or his countenance may be caught reflecting onto a silver wine goblet.

Teimur Amiry’s works, capturing the grace of a fleeting moment, the features of a beautiful woman, or the purity of an exquisite still life, are nothing short of magical. Each is depicted with a haunting realism and sensuality that holds the eye to the canvas.


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