Dauchot, Gabriel

Born 1927 in Gargan-Livry of Tournaisienne origin.

Educated at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Studio Place Pigalle.

Worked with Othon Friez and Yves Brayer.

His first one man show 1945, Paris, France.

Numerous exhibitions in France, United States, Japan, and China.

His artworks can be found in the collection of various museums.


Since 1986, I have known and worked with Solomon cohen both on a personal and professional basis. During these years, I have ben his mentor, imparting my knowledge and expertise of the artists Antonio Cortès, Edoaurd Cortès, Laloue, dyf and Loir. As a result, I am completely confident of Solomon's ability in executing an accurate authentification of their work.

David Klein
Klein Art Gallery