Esteve, Jacinto

A noted painter of historical themes and a documentations of the daily life of 18th and 19th century Europe, Jacinto Esteve as born in Liria, Spain in, to a family distinguished in the arts already for centuries.

Much of his training was acquired under the apprenticeships of master painters of his time. He moved away from his small town to the provincial capital, Valencia, where he earned commissions from both church and prominent families, to paint what he loved most, the communion between nature and man.

Through his commissions, he was afforded the opportunity to travel beyond the borders of Spain, to the northern coasts of Europe, to record onto his canvasses the sites of famous battles and events. He ventured south to Gibraltar to capture there his love for the sea.

The provincial museum of Valencia has retained as a proud member of its fine collection, the eloquent work by Jacinto Esteve, entitled: “King Alphonse V receiving the Cardinal of Fox.”


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