Pal, Fried

Fried Pal was born in Budapest, Hungary.

Pal Fried studied in Paris under Lucien Simone and was greatly influenced by the French impressionist School of August Renoir and Edgar Degas. This is clearly recognizable in the bold loose style that he developed and used in his paintings.

After many years of traveling in Spain and Africa, Pal Fried had widened and enriched his palette. He had developed a very original style and mastered the use of light and movement in his wonderful impressionistic canvases.

He eventually returned to Paris and focused his studies toward portraiture and figure painting. Fried Pal debuted at the Paris Salon with portraits and nude studies. After several very successful exhibitions, he began receiving commissions for his very painterly portraits.

Fried Pal was incredibly versatile and prolific. His commissions included ballerinas, the streets of Paris and exotic nudes. Fried Pal would give each model he used a name. Names like Carmen, Isabelle, Annabelle and Francine also became the painting title and described the models personality.

Later in his career, he would include Spanish, South American, and American cowboy subjects in his oeuvre. These became extremely popular in America, where he and his wife would eventually move. He especially loved these western action subjects because they worked so well with his unique style. Fried Pal would finish a very prolific career taking commissions for western subjects laced with his lovely ballerinas, nudes and young Parisian women.



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