Roos, Cornelis

Cornelis Roos was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1949. He began drawing at an early age, fascinated by the abundance of color and form of his world. As a young man, the incredible museums of Amsterdam, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, proved to inspire and stimulate Roos’ interest in art.

Later, young Roos studied under the tutelage of several prominent Dutch artists, focusing primarily on the Hague and Barbizon schools of painting. Soon, however, he realized that his interest lay in the works of the masters of the 17th century. The detailed landscapes of lush, verdant fields and sweeping trees fired the artist’s imagination.

Roos soon developed a style all his own. His love for Holland’s enchanting landscape, her stormy skies, grazing cattle, intensely green polders, charming windmills and canals is reflected on his canvas.

Roos equally divided his time between his native Holland and his adopted country, the United States. He found that he was able to replenish his artistic eye in Europe, absorbing the color, moods and ambiance of his homeland.

The award-winning work of Cornelis Roos has been exhibited in both Europe and the United States and is an invitation to people the world over to view Holland through his eyes.


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