b. 1906

By the age of 50, propelled by her desire and need to preserve a pictorial tribute to the land which remained her muse and inspiration, Russia, Ms. Adamoff had embarked on her journey as an artist. Born on March 21, 1906, in Moscow, she arrived as an emigrant to Paris at the age of 15, bearing in her young experience, the weight of the most transforming period in Russian history.


Her work, deprived of artistic doctrines and conventionality, produced a language of episodic truths, storylines and narrations in its fullest and purest imagery. Russia is the backdrop, white, towering and submissive, a grand personification of Nature, in which she lived, not created, but from which her spirit claimed the unrestrainable, the creative force.


Her debut in 1954 gave way to a recognition which would manifest in exhibitions and collections, and would permanently place her in the most comprehensive Lexicon of the World’s Naive Painters, published in 1976. Her simplicity reflects her own internal surge of the heartfelt memories she so cherished, and the illumination Paris infused into her unique perspective as a woman and as a painter.


Major exhibitions of her works include:

Galerie de Haut Pave,

Galerie Romi’s “Les Primitifs d’Aujourd’hui,”

Galerie Charpentier’s “Festival des Arts”.


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