Born in 1909, Nino Caffe grew up studying the arts in his native, northern Italy.

At an early age he joined the company of another young artist, Basaldella Afro, who would in time play an important role in the re emergence of Italian artists from controversy to prominence in the art world.

Caffe exhibited often together with Afro in Milan, and from him Caffe learned to introduce into his own work the allusive and descriptive elements which would later become his trademark.

The source of his compositions were the many red robed priests who were an ever present and daily part of life in the big cities of Italy, especially Rome, which he much frequented. He chose to paint them engaged in activities or humorous situations in which one would not likely see them partaking, and endeared himself to a large audience throughout the world. His works have been awarded prizes in New York and London, as well as Milan, and have been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions on both continents.

Impressed by the abundant sales of his works in the United States, Nino Caffe immigrated here, and lived out the rest of his life, painting and relishing his popularity.

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