Solomon Cohen was born on September 6, 1958 in North Africa into a family of Orthodox Jewish heritage with Russian and Spanish ancestry. His father was instrumental in evoking curiosity and determination in pursuing humanitarian, philosophical, and artistic virtues from Kabalistic mysticism to fundamental Buddhism from Renaissance art to contemporary poetry. On the other hand, his mother instilled generosity, passion, and temperament to share, give, broaden, and participate in life with will and fate.

The family emigrated to Europe in the early months of 1963 anticipating residency in the Holy Land. With a gift of paints and brushes, he was first introduced to the arts at the age of four by his father. Three years later, a local magazine published a poem and drawing by Solomon. In the last year of junior high school, he participated in painting a mural on glass of the first six days of the Creation which is permanently displayed in Lod, Israel.

The first gypsy symptoms were surfaced through a gift of a trip to Paris given by his parents for his thirteenth birthday altering his perceptions and confirming his devotion to the arts. Demonstrating his aptitude enabled him to be accepted into a private art school in Tel Aviv, Israel. From there, he returned to Europe pursuing various platforms of formal and self education. Upon returning to Israel, he designed the sets for a play by Anton Chekhov of the local theater he belonged to as a participating actor.

In August of 1976 he joined the Israeli armed forces for the duration of three years, participating in infantry, air force, and communications. Following this period, he engaged in writing essays articles, poetry and contemplated for the first time a visit to the United States.

On May 22, 1980 Solomon arrived in New York. He was commissioned in 1982 to illustrate a children’s book Dr. N.G. Rubinger. Struggling with the language barrier, tradition, and new customs, he devoted the larger body of his time to educate himself with the ways of his new home. To further his education, periodic excursions to Europe found him apprenticed to the painter Maurice Montet in Lyon, France.

Consequently, he was accepted into the American Poetry Association. His first English poem was published by World of Poetry Press in a book titled “Our World’s Most Beloved Poems,” and proceeded to become the recipient of the Golden Poet Award for 1985, 1986, and 1988. He was the recipient of the Silver Poet Award for 1989. He was the recipient of the Silver Poet Award for 1985.

His book of poetry and art titled “Dimension into Capes and Masks” was published in December of 1989. International poet of merit award was presented to Mr. Cohen on November of 2002 and on March 2003 by The International Society of Poets. Read the foreword by James Steinberg for the book” Dimensions into capes and masks” the Art & Poetry by Solomon Cohen

Exhibitions & One Man Shows:

  • New York Fine Art Gallery – San Diego, New York 1982
  • J. Young Gallery-La Jolla 1984
  • Gargoyle Gallery-1989
  • Manchester Gallery – at the Hyatt San Diego 1993
  • Zanzibar Fine Art Gallery-La Jolla 1994
  • Art Prospect-La Jolla 1995
  • G St.. Gallery- San Diego 1996
  • Flairtique Fine Art & Antique -Denver Colorado 2000-2003


  • USA, Mexico, France Holland, England, Israel.

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