Born 1910 in Belleville France. Died in December 4 1998.

Educated at the Academy de la Grande Chummier and the Academy Julian Paris. Painter of the school of Paris. ( painter of de l’Ecole de Paris et Peintre T?moin de son Temps) He participated in numerous exhibitions and was rewarded number of prizes for his work in France and abroad

D’Anty is an artist of rare sensibility. It can be said that his work is the spontaneous and of successive emotions which are profoundly intimate and sincere: hence the exceptional variety of his styles “.

In order to obtain a better appreciation of the charm and attraction of his work it is helpful to recall some of the phases of his life, without going into the unimportant details.

D’Anty was born in Belleville, and it was here that he came to know the picturesque quality of small sloping streets, sometimes broken by flights of steps, like those of Montmartre. Afterwards he moved to Saint Maurice, where he came under the spell of the banks of the Marne with its blue green reflections, the heavy river barges, and the lock with its large dark mass, which all made their impressions, as did a later visit in northern France, long before he thought seriously about painting. But in both eye and mind, he was already storing secret visions and emotions.

It is the earliest impressions which leave the deepest mark on a child’s consciousness, still in its full freshness. Later, one remembers, and it is memories, made poetic by their distance in time, which inspire and direct a man’s vocation.

Destiny also plays its part, in the form of chance encounters. The young Henry D’Anty happened to meet an elderly man who was drawing, out in the open air, and afterwards, a sculptress who gave drawing lessons. He watched the former, with growing interest, and followed the teaching of the latter. (He could hardly have been more fortunate. Who can teach drawing better than sculptors ?). And as a result, d’Anty still only a boy was developing into an artist. Passionately fond of drawing, he was already showing unusual abilities, and even perhaps signs of exceptional talent.

Thus, as a beginning, d’Anty energetically applied himself to working in black and white, thinking only about drawing. Then, during a holiday in Brittany, he discovered an entirely new awareness of colors, or rather of colors of the enchanting, subtle tones which make up the varied atmospheres of the Breton scene.

And this was the turning point. He yielded ; he abandoned himself to the bewitching charm ; he became a painter. This sensitiveness to beauty, this obedience to the voice of inspiration, spring from the essential qualities of d’Anty’s temperament: sensibility, delicacy of feelings.

We once read one of his letters to his mother, a delightful letter, written at the age of about thirteen, in which the most moving tenderness is accompanied by the judicious shrewdness of his descriptions of the countryside where he was spending his holidays.

Here, then, was this very young painter, ready to penetrate beyond the outward appearances and into the very soul of Nature.

To this he was to devote himself, gathering together the manifold aspects of Nature, painted from the life, and above all, meditating on his memories ; he was also to bring to life again the early impressions which were slumbering in his subconscious. And images crowded in upon him: gamins in Belleville ; banks of the Marne, with the black shades of the river lock; unfriendly plains of northern France, and the silken tones of Brittany.

D’Anty observed intensely: he saw again his childhood, his moments of wonder, of nostalgia, and he interpreted all into blank pieces of cloth to invite us into ,his ,our world.

Collected works :

M. Thomas, Prefet de La Rochelle. M. 0. Ghez, Geneva. M. Natan, Paris. M. Lafitte, Paris. Mme de Rovera, Paris. Mme la Duchesse de Medina Seli, Madrid. Mme Lucy Letertre. Mme Lucie Utrillo Valore. S. A. R. la Heine Marie Josd d’Italie. M. A. Marie, ancien President du Conseil, Paris. Mme Semiha Huber Hassanzade, Zurich. M. A. Avronsart, Paris. Prince Greciano, Paris. Mme Morin, Quebec. Mme Knecht, Paris. M. E.M. Huntzbuchler, Paris. Mme R. Boyer Vidal, Rouen. M. Effore Simonetti, Milan. Dr Nizier Cottarel, Paris. Dr Cabral, Philadelphia. M. Chapelle, Versailles. M. Durat, Jouet sur I’Aubois. Colonel et Madame Garbish Chrysler, New York. S. A. R. la Princesses Ashraf Pahlevi. M. et Mme G. Richaud, Paris. Dr Beard, Nice. Herr Zapf, Kaiserslautern. Mr. Wayne, Philadelphia. Mr. Sherman, Philadelphia. Mille Carita, Paris. Prince Carol de Hohenzollern, Paris. Mr. Irving Scoff, Quebec. Mme Maryl6ne David, Paris. M. Maestroni, Cannes. M. Noirclaude, Paris. M. Samuel Weiss, New York. M. S. Schramm, New York. M. Tharin. Mme Anne Cutler, Virginia. M. Deri, Paris. M. A. Neraudeau, Paris. M. G. Hitzevitch, Saint Cloud. S. A. le Prince Karim Aga Khan. M. Pignarre, Paris.


  • 1949 Galerie de Ptquipe, rue Saint Rustique, Montmartre.
  • 1950 Galerie Lebar, rue Uon Jost, Paris.
  • 1951 Galerie Hermann, rue des Beaux Arts, Paris.
  • 1952 Galerie Lebar, rue Ldon Jost, Paris.
  • 1953 Galerie de la Maison des Beaux Arts, Paris.
  • 1954 Galerie de l’Institut, rue de Seine, Paris.
  • 1955 Galerie Duncan, rue de Seine, Paris.
  • 1956 Galerie Clio, Nice.
  • 1957 Galerie Mourgue, avenue de I’Opéra, Paris.
  • 1957 Mairie de Barentin.
  • 1958 Galerie Schneider, avenue Matignon, Paris.
  • 1958 Caves de la Tour Eiffel, rue Charles Dickens, Paris.
  • 1959 Scala Nebli, Madrid.
  • 1960 Musée de I’Athdride, Geneve.
  • 1960 Galerie Stoliar, Cannes.
  • 1961 Palais de la Mdditerrande, Nice.
  • 1961 Galerie Cadror, Berne.
  • 1961 Cimaise du Vieux Colombier, Paris.
  • 1962 Dickson Galerie, Washington.
  • 1962 Galerie 16, Saint Antoine, Cannes.


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