Since childhood, Harry Myers understood the magic of pencil, crayon and paint embodied. Those were the tools which served companionship and fascination in observing not only his outer environment but also his internal responsibility to grow and create.

He was born on March 6, 1910 and by his passing in the mid 1960’s, his devotions and endeavors to achieve the ultimate nuances and mastery expressing Mother Nature and her children were indeed celebrated and ordained as an extension of and as relevant and potent as his predecessors, the Impressionists.

His education at Grinnell College, Cummings School of Art, Stone City Colony, Iowa; Chouinard School of Art, Los Angeles; Scholarship to the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts; and the Ozenfant School of Art, New York; is secondary compared with his innate talent and determined dedication. Even when his formal education ended, his search and study of all the nuances of his art form never ceased, so that schooling continues to be part of his lifetime vocation.

The critic, S.M. Riddle of London, defines Myers paintings as “a dialog of color, rhythm, innocence and fantasy. It takes more than one look to exactly define his paintings. They are illusions, actually, in which one places his or her own interpretation.” Robert Gittelson of New York declares, “Myers is a gifted American artist, who has made impressionism his point of departure. Renoiresque in content, he has advanced beyond it to create a style of his own. His paintings are shimmering light, a dance of color.”

On June 19, 1968 a retrospective was held showing the collection of oil paintings from his Central Park suite. Myers’ paintings are recognized and displayed in private and public collections worldwide. His work is listed and illustrated with the world’s greatest art masterpieces in the widely circulated book, ART COLLECTING FOR PLEASURE AND PROFIT, with an introduction by Huntington Hartford.


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