Jeffrey Pollack’s sculpture is an expression of his love for life and a declaration for the beauty of being. Each of his works is guided not only by his own hands and inspiration, but also by the essence and spirit of the clay itself. A special bond takes place as each form evolves and introduces itself to him, then guides him toward completion

Born in New York in 1954, Jeffrey Pollack showed an affinity for art in his youth. His early drawings and amateur paintings gained him recognition in various competitions and school art projects.

Moving to Germany with his family at age 12, Jeffrey studied under the private tutelage of noted painter, Alfred Herzfeld, protege of Max Doerner of the Muenchen Academy of Fine Arts. He became an outstanding student of the Old Master Egg Tempera painting technique, inspired by Rembrandt and the Flemish school.

In later years, while visiting Italy, the intense imprint left by the life and works of Michelangelo would eventually cast the artist in new directions of artistic expression and toward figurative three-dimensional art, leading to the eventual emergence as a sculptor.

When Jeffrey returned to the United States in 1972, he attended UCLA where he graduated with an extensive focus on Art History and Art Studio. He established himself as a commissioned fine artist for the design trade and private patrons and became a featured artist in the Umbrello Tobene Galleries, located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

His desires to explore contemporary movements in art led him to New York, where he lived and painted for a time in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Later moving on to Philadelphia, he became fascinated with the works of Rodin and modern sculpture and began to introduce three dimensional, mufti media elements into his painted works. The transition to clay had begun..

The artist returned to Germany in 1989, to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall, and spent another three years apprenticing under an art and antique restoration craftsman. There he added to his knowledge the arts of wood sculpting, inlays and carving,and the use of the many fine tools of the trade. And it was during this stay in Europe that he traveled extensively to Italy.

Returning home to the United States in 1992, Jeffrey settled in San Diego to pursue opportunities as an art consultant, art teacher and sculptor, joined the Sculptor’s Guild and studied under noted San Diego sculptor, Mary Buckman.

Today, this rich and diverse experience comes to fruition as Jeffrey Pollack begins his journey into limited edition sculpture. In the words of the artist, “I hope those who view my sculptures will feel the love and the joy which also guided me in my discovery of them,”

Jeffrey Pollack’s molds are made by well known Dyansen Foundry mold maker, Reije Andersson. The Los Angeles foundry, noted for their castings of the Erte sculptures, as well as their restorations of Rodin and other noted bronze sculptures, has cast the artist’s limited edition works. The quality craftsmanship and patinas add richness and elegance to his bronze editions.

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