Robert Wood was born on the Kentish coast of England on March 24, 1889. He studied and mastered the techniques of the famous English school of landscape painting represented in the works of Gainesborough and Constable. Later he was influenced by the naturalism of Corot and the impressionistic techniques of Monet, Renoir and Cezanne.


Making his way to America as a youth, over a sixty-five year period Robert Wood traveled throughout North America painting the splendor of his adopted land. His paintings of the southwestern desert are unequalled as are his paintings depicting the high Sierras and the majestic Rockies.


Robert Wood’s paintings have such universal appeal that prints of his works are the largest selling of any artist in history including the Old Masters. So great is the demand for these reproductions that presses in Europe and America never stop printing them. Wood’s famous painting, “October Morn”, sold 1 ½ million copies in less than 2 ½ years. His popularity has known no equal in American art in the field of landscape painting.


Robert Wood died just short of his 90th birthday, in 1989. There are thousands of artists in this country who learned a great deal by copying his prints and following the instructions in the many art books, which he authored.


His genius has been recognized with a listing in the impressive artist’s registry: the American Art Analogue, and his place in history has been assured.



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